thought this would be of interest to people on here:

The No2ID campaign is currently running a campaign called Renew for Freedom encouraging people to renew their passports during May.
I will be.

" new passport applicants will have interviews at new processing centres and their details entered on an interim identity database from the autumn. Although plans for including passport renewals are less clear, Home Secretary Charles Clarke said this in March:

“Anyone who feels strongly enough about the linkage not to want to be issued with an ID card in the initial phase will be free to surrender their existing passport and apply for a new passport before the designation order takes effect.”

Renewing your passport now will also ensure avoiding an expected price rise from the current £51 to £93.

In fact, renewing your passport in May will not only save you money and avoid being on the ID database, it’ll also send the Government a message that their scheme is deeply unpopular."

more details here

online passport renewals here
can anyone remember, about 3 or 4 years ago, the food standards agency (supposedly) saying that organic food might be bad for you because it had cow dung on it?

do you know where it was reported or have any more info?


Jan. 20th, 2006 12:25 am
I always mean to keep track of what I'm reading/ have read, and I'm on a constant mission to actually read some more damn classics what with having an English degree and all...
And so I am creating this post to sit at the top of my journal and let me keep track of what I've read over the year by updating it every time I finish a book. I'm intrigued to see how many books I read over the year as well.

I've written reactions to the book, to jog my memory, rather than summaries or reviews. If you do want my opinion or a summary though, feel free to ask.

books under the cut )
I'm not sure how acceptable this is, but hey, there's nothing like using your friends as part of the quest for an original dissertation right?
if any of you are or know women involved in the bdsm scene on a regular basis, either professionally or not, and wouldn't mind being interviewed as part of my research, please leave a comment below. (Or if you'd like more information about what I want/ what it would entail/ what I'm going to do with the interviews)
I'm particularly interested in talking to women who generally top.

(and yes, I have followed other research paths as well, but writing that last post just made me realise I could be wasting a huge potential source of interviewees :) )
ok, I'm putting this as a public post, so if you can help, please reply

I'm trying to track down a documentary called Whipped. It was made in 1997, directed by Sasha Waters and Iana Porter and explores the lives of three New York dominatrixes.

It would be massively useful to be able to use the interviews in that film as material for my dissertation, but it's proving next to impossible to track down. Gareth has found me the trailer, but other than that, nothing: it's not available to download or buy anywhere that we can find.

This is where you lot come in. I know I have a bunch of filthy degenerates on my f-list ;), so maybe one of you already owns a copy of this film? Or if not, maybe you know someone who might?

any help appreciated!


Mar. 1st, 2005 01:43 am
because I can't be arsed to cross-post properly and fill up your friend's pages, I'd like to point you towards a post on feminist_rage that I wrote, concerning an anti-feminsit article in this week's uni newspaper.

comments welcome.

Edit Just so you know, this post is public.
ok, I'm off to uni and have a really busy day, so don't have time right now to keep up with all comments/ track down informed sources, but I'll check in again in a few hours.
ok, it's time to join the ranks of friends-only journals I think.

If it's been more than a couple of days since this was posted and it's the last entry you can see - you're not on my friends list.
If you've added me and want adding back, comment here. As long as you're not a pyscho or someone I hate, you'll probably get added back.

If you don't have a live journal, go and get one. It's not like it's complicated.

sorry kids, no more free entertainment
Spent the whole day at uni yesterday, and got home to find that [ profile] eglantinedreams had decided enough was enough and we're finally sorting out the garden. I was very impressed. I mean, it's needed doing since we moved in, but it needed someone to make that decision. So 6 months worth of bottles were bagged and taken to the recycling, we filled about 8 bin bags with rubbish, I shovelled up all the mud and [ profile] insane_nurse sawed down the large branch that was blocking the light.
It felt really good to do something physical, and to actually see the change in the garden. Hopefully some time in the not-too-distant future we will have a big burning things party to get rid of the wood and celebrate our new space. I'll keep you posted.

We then ordered gorgeous chinese takeaway, and vegged out with yummy food, a spliff and a bottle of wine. I like chilled evenings in :)

Got up nice and early today to come to my nurses appointment. That was a waste of time because there's nothing wrong with me.
rant )
apparently it is now impossible to book an appointment with an actual doctor at the health centre. You must first see a nurse, who will decide whether you really need to see a doctor, or whether you are in fact simply a whining hypochondriac student... Grrr...

On a good note however, I got my bicon confirmation this morning.

wig out!

May. 2nd, 2004 03:01 pm
Hedwig rocked my world. It was wonderful, one of the best things I've seen in a long long time.
For the first 20 minutes or so I was continously comparing it to the film , which was inevitable as I pretty much know the film word perfectly, and it wasn't really measuring up. And then... something snapped, and the stage show just took off and became something different, very much its own production, and even its own story, in a way. There were some interesting changes I won't go into because everyone should go and see it! It's not sold out yet, and I'd definitely be up for seeing it again, so do let me know if anyone wants to go inn the next two weeks...

It's probably the only live performance I've ever seen that literally made me laugh, and then cry, and then laugh again - and then had the entire audience on their feet dancing to Bowie. The guy playing Hedwig was superb, but the best part by far was Mel Farmer, who played Yitzhak. She gave the character a new level I hadn't considered before, and she has one of the best singing voices...

Ok, I'll stop gushing now, but seriously, if you can, see it.
Today started badly, with rain and cold and horrible realisations and a closed doctor's office...
It didn't look like it was going to get better, as I discovered noone else was able/ wanted to come to queen's park...

So I decided to just go on my own, and it was lovely. By the time I got there the sun was blazing (organiser to crowd: "can everyone move into a circle please? I know the sun's out and it's a nice day, but we did that so you should be grateful." hee)
I sat on the grass and listened to poetry and stories while people watching and daydreaming for an hour and a half, and then I wandered home.
And now I'm off to see hedwig with neil. Hurrah!


Apr. 30th, 2004 10:21 pm
I was gonna do a proper update, but fuck it...

I've registered for BiCon 2004
A little while ago Jules had 2 dresses custom made - one pvc, one rubber.
For whatever reason, they're both not quite right and need tweaking.
She also decided she didn't really like the rubber one anway.
It's too big across her shoulders and slightly too tight across the bust.
Anyone who knows us both should see where this is leading... We both have short backs which curve in at the base (or read as: large arses)

I now have a gorgeous rubber dress!

In other news:
I love my housemates.
It's nice to be back :)
Really bizarre and horrible nightmares last night.
Sometimes I wonder where (and why) my brain gets this shit.

anyway, mike and helen left this morning very early.
We spent most of the day walking in the belgian countryside. Beautiful, and halfway round you can stop for beer and food.
This was followed by a trip to Dinant, where we happened to arrive just as the next tour of the Leffe museum was due. I now know more about the history of beer and belgium than I thought possible, but it was all very entertaining, and we got a free beer sample too :)

When you get belgium right, it's great.
I still can't wait to get back to brighton though.


Apr. 12th, 2004 12:25 am
For those who wondered about jarpers:
It's an old tradition (apparently) which originated in northumberland, we think. Leastways, that's where my dad's family originates, and they've been doing this as long as anyone can remember.

Basically, you take eggs, cover them in flowers, leaves and most importantly onion skins, and then wrap them in fabric and tie them up tightly. All the eggs are boiled together in a large pot, and when you unwrap them they are dyed from the onion skins - very pretty :)

They are polished with butter and displayed.
Then, on easter morning, each person takes and egg, and you play 'jarpers' with them. (so jarpers refers to both the eggs themselves, and this game.)
The game is like conkers; you tap the ends of the eggs together, and when one end is cracked the egg is turned around and the other end used.

Repeat until someone is left with an uncracked egg, which is then the winner.
(incidentally, was me this year. Hurrah!)

...and that's it.
then you eat them.

Michael's put a link to pictures showing this process on his journal. I'll see if I can nick it if people want to see it.

(although, Neil, you should probably add him anyway. I think you'd get on.)
[ profile] louis_mallow

Weird yes?
But most fun.
This is neither the time nor the place to get into the 'vegetarian' argument...

But, to keep it so basic it loses coherency:
If people want to eat meat, fine.
If they choose not to, also good.
But saying that it's ok to eat some animals but not others borders on the ridiculous -

and when those animals are ones you would USUALLY eat without thinking, but here don't becuase they managed to get themselves in a newspaper...

fuck off. Really. Think a bit, and then come back to me with a few sensible reasons why swimming across a river suddenly renders a pig inedible.
(oooh look, it's intelligent... obviously this bacon wasn't though... *chomp*)

And just for the record, yes, I am a vegetarian. And I will even accept that many vegetarian arguments are weak and inconsistent - but none are as bad as this kind of woolly, 'I like animals but I can't be arsed to stop eating them' thinking.
Life of brian is the prefect easter film.

Suburban belgium may suck ass, but rural belgium is weird... today have seen:
-strange goats
-gate post in the shape of naked couple (complete with cock...)
-chapel under tree in middle of NOWHERE
-halted watermill
-jarpers (tho not weird as occur every year)
-Bridget Jones' diary (definitely most odd, but enjoyable.. as was argument over is most shaggable. What do you think girls? and boys, sorry, where are my manners?!)
like bro and in law...
not octopus...
... goddamnit someone interseting get online!!!


Apr. 6th, 2004 12:52 pm
Seen on and stolen from [ profile] beattiedee's journal.

Am doing quiz in lieu of real update as if I update now I shall simply rant about sexism and inequality and differing expectations and... argh
While I don't mind doing that, it's not coherent enough in my mind yet.

so here's the meme )



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