Nov. 9th, 2006

Nanowrimo is going better than I expected. I have never written a single piece of fiction longer than about 3000 words before, so I'm sort of surprised to be up to 15000 and not only have not run out of plot, but feel like there's lots more to say. The story I thought I was sitting down to write on the first is decidedly not the story I am writing now. Many of the fantastical elements have disappeared, and the plot keeps veering towards territory I really don't want to write about, but we'll see what happens.

I'm keeping up with the word count ok, tending so far to have some days I don't write much if anything, and some days I write loads. This evening, for instance, I have written close to 4000 words, and I think I have another half a scene to do before bed. Writing non-stop for several hours has been great; one of the reasons I decided to do nano was because I'd almost completely got out of the habit of writing anything except jottings and short-short stories on scraps of paper, and - so far - it's been good to see I am capable of more than that. I'll assess quality some other time, like december, but I'm optimistic. One of the big revelations has been that I can write dialogue. I've always shyed away from writing dialogue because I didn't like doing it, but some of my favourite scenes so far are dialogue. Again, I'll take another look in december and see how good it is.

The social side is good too; I've been to both brighton meetings so far, and just felt instantly welcomed and at home in the group. They are all as mad as I am, and friendly too. Meeting other people doing it also has the nice affect of meaning I can't just stop mid-month and walk away pretending I never started.

Right, back to it.

(oh, am leaving this post public in case anyone from the brighton nano group finds my lj. Feel free to add me but please introduce yourself and be warned I don't update much)

edit: ooh! graphs!



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